And my speech and my preaching was not with enticing words of man's wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power.

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Self Has to Die

Self Has to Die

by Mavis M. duCille

Self has to die. All our problems come from self. “Me” and “My” and “how I feel”—it comes from self and if we are to be disciples we must deny our self. Whether you are big or small, God will require of you just the same. Whatever you have learned, whatever you have heard, whatever you have understood is what will be required of you. Hallelujah! So, young ones, do not let the enemy rob you! Do not be robbed! The time is short and we must make haste.

With CloudsWith Clouds
(The Second Coming of Jesus Christ)

by Cecil J. duCille

This book provides a comprehensive study on the subject of the second coming of Jesus Christ. So many Christians have never done it, and those who have, never did understand what the Word of God has to say on the subject. This book will lead you into the matter challenging you to approach it with an open mind, giving the Holy Spirit the opportunity of illuminating you.

Other Books:

The Pattern Cover

The Pattern

by Cecil J. duCille

“The Pattern” is a unique book, in which the author expounds in great detail the spiritual typology found in the Tabernacle of Moses. This book contains keys which unlock many truths and mysteries found in the Old and New Testaments. Just a few of the topics discussed are: the seven days of creation, the Feast of Tabernacles, Gideon’s 300, the manchild in Revelation 12, Samson, the two witness company, and Daniel’s seventieth week.

This book is also available in: Deutsch (German), Française (French), Česky (Czech), Magyar (Hungarian), По Pусски (Russian), and ኣማርኛ (Amharic).

Revelation 1The Book of Revelation (Volumes 1, 2, 3)

by Cecil J. duCille

Have you ever wanted clear insight in understanding the book of Revelation? This three-volume series provides one of the most clearly decisive teachings on each chapter of this book of the Bible. Cecil J. duCille opens up the true prophetic meaning as it relates to today. Learn how this unique book in scripture forewarns us of: the end of the age, the four horsemen, the harlot church, the great tribulation, the false prophet, World War III, Armageddon, the beast, the white throne judgment, the antichrist; AND reveals the hope of the promise of Christ’s coming in His people.

This book is also available in the MP3 audio format.

Nuggets for the NeedyNuggets for the Needy

by Mavis M. duCille

This book is a collection of spiritual thoughts given over the years to Mavis M. duCille during her meditation, prayer, and seeking God in special times of need. These invaluable thoughts, deposited by the Holy Spirit, have been golden nuggets which have greatly enhanced her spiritual growth and overcoming in the Lord. They have become, in a published form, a great blessing to many readers all over the world.

God's Space ProgramGod’s Space Program
(A Key to a Christian Life in a Spiritual Realm)

by Burt Asbill

There is a law in the world called gravity. Gravity is like the pressure of sin; it is always trying to reduce you to one common level. In order for a rocket to blast off of the earth, there has to be a force that has the strength to push it up, out and beyond the pull of the weight that is upon it. The same pertains to a Christian walk. In order for us to be able to overcome the pressure of sin, we must submit to the law of the Holy Spirit. The author of this book presents you with a key to a Christian life in a spiritual realm and introduces you to a spiritual law of ignition, thrust for lift-off, and breakthrough.



by Chijioke Nwauche

We are now at a time when the blowing of the trumpet of the kingdom must come with a certain and definite sound for the people of God to prepare for the war ahead. This book will show the church that God is always in the business of separating a people unto Himself. The church has preached, and many books have been written on the foolish and wise virgins (Matt. 25:1-13) for ages, but Christians are yet to come to terms with the fact that this experience of separation is real and is about to take place. This separation will take place at MIDNIGHT when the Bridegroom (Christ) comes to take His Bride (Church).

Priesthood Cover


by Chijioke Nwauche

In this book, we have the opportunity to review the scriptures as it relates to priesthood. We will see that a priest is one who brings an offering either to God Almighty or to the devil. We will also see that this priesthood or worship has been embedded and interwoven with the culture and tradition of our people. Our lifestyle is one that is based on idolatry and whoredom just as was the case with the Canaanites and Amorites. The judgment of God is sure and determined unto all those who pollute the land with their whoredoms because when the iniquity of the Amorites came to a full, God cast them forth just as he did to His own people also.

Testimony of Cecil duCille's Ministry in NigeriaTestimony of Cecil duCille’s Ministry in Nigeria

by Chijioke Nwauche

Cecil James duCille was a true slave and servant of the Lord; a man sent from above unto us with the true bread of life. I first met him as a young Medical student in the University of Port Harcourt way back in the summer of 1986. The impact of this meeting was so foundational and dramatic that it completely destroyed our securely built up theology. I still remember very vividly his initial remarks as he was called up to minister on this first night of meeting at the “sardine-packed and overflowing” lecture hall. It went thus, the church is a fallen system as he banged on the pulpit with his fist.

Tabernacles CoverTabernacles

by Chijioke Nwauche

This book is an expository and in-depth account of the celebration of this old Testament feast – The Feast of Tabernacles. It brings out the life that is locked up in the feast thereby unveiling the truth for all to see and pointing men its present day fulfilment in our lives as Christians. This book comes in handy for all Christians who sincerely seek the Lord and desire to go beyond today’s pentecostal experience.

Holy MatrimonyHoly Matrimony
(God’s Marriage Plan of the Ages)

by Cecil J. duCille

It was ordained of God that two should become one. The power and the glory of marriage lies in the oneness of two. Any man and woman who achieve oneness between them are well on the way to understanding the oneness of the Body of Christ, and the oneness of God and His Church.In this book, the author gives you the keys that will help you to achieve the position of excellence in your marriage or in the marriage that you hope one day to have. If you are not married, then it will help you tremendously in achieving unity in the church.

Ish & Ishshah

Ish & Ishshah (Man & Woman)
(Is God able to find the right partner for you?)

by Martin Kluson

Are you asking what you are to do before God gives you a husband or a wife? If your answer is yes, then this book is for you. The author explains in simple words by using real life examples what it means to walk in righteousness and why it is important, in order to be a good match, to seek the Lord and increase one’s price in Christ.

The Church under Attack

The Church under Attack

by Cecil J. duCille

This book outlines some of the deceptions that are being sown in the church in these last days. There is not only the direct attack from without, but Satan has planted great deceptions from within in order to corrupt and destroy the church. But the true army of God – the true sons of God – are hearing the clarion call to come out of her, to arm themselves, and to prepare for the great and terrible day of the Lord. Nothing can stand against the army of God… NOTHING.

The Power of the BloodThe Power of the Blood
(What the Bible says about the power that is in the Blood of Jesus.)

by Cecil J. duCille

When we talk about the Blood of Jesus, we are talking about an inexhaustible source of energy and resurrection power which lies at the door of our faith for immediate use any time of day or night, no matter what condition we are in. If you can believe, all things are possible. In this small booklet, you will learn about the three dimensions of blood as described in the Bible. You will also be encouraged to exercise this ultimate weapon that has been given to the mankind.

Tithes & OfferingsThe Offering of the Spirit
(What the Bible says about tithes and offerings.)

by Cecil J. duCille

Giving is the nature of God and He wants His children to have the same nature. But unless we give without the desire for reward or reciprocation, then our motivation will not be of God. In this small booklet, you will find the basic Biblical principles of giving in order to build the Kingdom of God. At this time, when so many ministries pressure their followers to give of their natural substance by manipulating their emotions, it is refreshing to see what the Word of God has to say about the matter.

Mystery beyond the VeilMystery beyond the Veil
(A Guide from the Tabernacle of Moses to the Heart of Man)

by Pavlina Davis

Have you ever wondered why the Bible is written in mysteries? Or, what do the Old Testament laws have to do with our present life? In this book, you can explore with Aaron, a young Jewish boy, the journey beyond the veil where the mysteries of God are revealed. It is an excellent reading aimed primarily at young readers, but also enjoyed by parents and grandparents.

Mr. Pegelow at the Gates of Hell

by Bob Streblow

This book is a true story which happened to the author. It is very real! Before you have finished reading it, you may shed a few tears; you may laugh a few times. However, the author doesn’t believe you will ever forget his story, for what you will read happened as a direct visitation from God.

This book is also available in Deutsch (German) and Česky (Czech).


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