And my speech and my preaching was not with enticing words of man's wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power.


The Youth Camp of 2018 was from Wednesday the 8th of August to Monday the 13th of August. We experienced the visitation of GOD in a different and more powerful dimension that we’ve never experienced before. You could say that the theme for this camp was Lifestyle Change.

Wednesday Evening

This was the evening of our arrival at the camp venue in Umuebule. We were looking forward to that special encounter from GOD. During this evening’s session, we were encouraged to prepare ourselves by sanctifying ourselves to be made honorable vessels for the MASTER’s use. We prayed and asked GOD to do mighty things in our midst and to visit each of us in our different areas of spiritual need. After various words of encouragement, we closed the night’s meeting to go to bed and prepare for the next meeting.

Thursday Morning

This morning, Brother Burt talked about lifestyle. We realized that there are 2 different types of lifestyles. The first one leads us to GOD (which is the narrow way) while the other one leads us to the wide way. Now, between these 2 different types of lifestyles is the soul. The soul must decide as to where it wants to go. But while making this decision, we must take into consideration the fact that the soul was originally made to host the lifestyle of GOD after all, the reason we live is to worship HIM. Hence, we should choose the lifestyle of GOD and go in accordance with HIS will for us that is by dying-to-self and stripping away our own minds so that we might attain the mind of GOD. One part that struck me is the fact that The Lifestyle change accompanies fasting and prayer. So, while fasting and praying also bear in mind that the lifestyle must change.

After this word, we were all touched and there was massive repentance and response to the word. We closed the meeting to go to rest and return in the evening for yet another visitation from GOD.

Thursday Evening

This evening, Brother Chijioke talked about the altars of the soul. Emphasis was laid again on lifestyle change because GOD wants to make us HIS dwelling place, but HE can’t live in a sinful vessel. Hence, the various carnal altars erected in the soul that have nothing to do with GOD have to be brought down so that the altar of GOD will be the only one dwelling in the soul. This is what he called “The Rebirth of The Soul”.

Friday Morning

This morning, Brother Burt talked about Sanctification. In this, we realized that GOD wants the soul to be sanctified so that HE will dwell in us and the only way to achieve this is death-to-self. Then again, emphasis was laid on lifestyle change. The Lifestyle must exude the Sonship message. In other words, my life must show the Glory of GOD because CHRIST in me is the hope of Glory.

Friday Evening

This evening, Brother Ebere talked about The Passover of the Soul. Passover as we discovered is the crossing over from one realm to another realm and from one life to another life. Again, we see emphasis being laid on lifestyle change. We see that the soul must move from death to life in CHRIST. (This is death-to-self). We understood that when the soul crosses over, there are certain spiritual principles that would affect the soul and even the body as well. We took the example from Acts 28 of Paul in the island of Melita. Here, a snake bit Paul and the natural principle is that after a snake bite that isn’t medically treated comes death. But Paul according to the higher spiritual principle was able to defy the natural principle of men and he lived. The stronghold of Satan is the only thing that will stop us from attaining these spiritual realities therefore, we must bring down every strong hold through the change in lifestyle.

Saturday Morning

This was a special morning in the camp as we felt the move of GOD more profound in our midst through the songs. The main song was “We are the people of GOD called by HIS name”. The power of GOD was felt more intense when we sang the second part of the song that says “So hear us oh spirits of darkness so you may know where we stand”. At this point, there was a directive in the Spirit to write down the issues we were struggling with and declare to those spirits that we are no longer slaves to them.

Afterwards, Brother Burt talked about the choice that we have as Christians to choose life in CHRIST or death. One part that struck me is the fact that even when we choose life in CHRIST, there are still different dimensions. Using Matthew 13 (The Parable of the Sower) we saw precisely in verse 8 that even among those that fell on good soil there were still separations. We have the 30-fold, 60 fold and 100 fold. So even when we choose the way of life, we should know that the best is 100 fold and so we should aspire to attain 100 fold.

Saturday Evening

This evening, Brother Chijioke talked about Spiritual Warfare. We realized that spiritual warfare is a lifetime warfare where the carnal altars in the soul are dealt with. To be able to address a problem you must first address the spirit behind it. Hence, the things that come against the soul are always spiritually motivated. Now, to be able to win this warfare, I must be in total communication with GOD and must cut off the supply link that the carnal spirits use to receive energy from the devil through me.

Sunday Morning

This morning, Brother Burt further talked about the different dimensions still using Matthew 13 and we realized the dangers of being in the 30-fold and 60 fold. Those who are in the 30-fold camp would end up in the outer court and those in the 60 fold camp would end up in the holy place which is why we must strive to be in the 100 fold camp because it would end up in the holiest place, the Holy of Holies. We also realized that it is the CHRIST in us that will change us.

Sunday Evening

This evening, Brother Ebere talked about Obtaining the Promise of the Eternal Inheritance. We realized that there are 2 positions: The Son and The Slave. The Son is born with all the rights to the inheritance from the Father whereas the slave has little or nothing. You can either be a Son or a Slave. Sin makes us slaves. To be able to attain the position of Sonship the old man in us must die (death-to-self) so that the New man who is CHRIST would be the New head. Now as sons, we must be mature so that we would be able to inherit all the eternal promises of GOD.

Monday Morning

This morning, Brother Burt talked about pressing towards the mark of the high calling. This got me thinking as I began to ask myself questions like, “Am I ready to pay this price?” This is because attaining the mark of the high calling doesn’t come freely. One must pay for it through sacrifice which involves death-to-self. Hence, I must work out my own salvation by paying the price.

Monday Evening

This evening, we had the question and answer time when people sent questions of parts of the different messages that they didn’t understand.


Just as mentioned earlier, lifestyle change is the main thing. There must be a shift, a crossing from darkness to light and only then would we be able to come forth fully as sons of GOD, vessels of honour ready for HIS use.

Sister Debbie


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