And my speech and my preaching was not with enticing words of man's wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power.

As the days went by, the fire in the camp only grew brighter and brighter. The message in the camp was wholly about a LIFESTYLE CHANGE and CONSECRATION TO GOD. The word came in various forms from various vessels, but it was apparent that God wanted to deal with this issue in our lives.

At a point, an altar call was made for those who wish to commit themselves to a lifestyle change but they recognized that it can only be by God’s grace that they can cut off those things which need to go. I watched from the gallery as so many of us responded. I knew I needed that prayer, but the devil came resisting. He was asking me who would man the equipment if I went down, who would take charge of the Skype stream while I was down there. I felt I could respond from where I was after all, “God sees the heart.” After a while of battling, the burden was still strong, and I went downstairs to respond handing everything over to another brother. I went downstairs to answer this call and to summarize, God broke me. I shed tears like I hadn’t in a while and I didn’t even know why I was crying. It was obvious to me that God was doing something in me and the foreskin was being removed.

Unfortunately, I had to return to school, so I left camp early. On getting to school, I could feel a nudging to connect to the live stream and I did as soon as possible, and the Lord was speaking concerning social media and how it is a very effective tool of the enemy in consuming our time. We were advised to reduce time spent on them and to uninstall where necessary.

The sower has sown his seed. My prayer is that God would help us to bring forth fruit a hundred-fold that we might not be cut off from the one true vine.


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