And my speech and my preaching was not with enticing words of man's wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power.

This camp meeting was indeed a prayer training camp as we took out time to pray about certain issues severally. We spent lot of time responding, praying and prophesying God’s word into our lives and making definite decisions.

A lot was said about the word of God designed to not just stop at the level of Information, but to cause a transformation in our lives and a change in our lifestyle. This was likened to the story of Jacob and his Bethel experience. Here, he saw angels ascending and descending on a ladder; these angels signify messengers/word of God. When the word of God descends to us, it is designed to lift our spirits up to a higher realm and transform us.

The message on the Passover and the betrayal of Jesus by Judas Iscariot came to me in a whole new way. The addictions/ indulgences/ excesses I permit in my life give the enemy a foothold/opportunity to “DO AWAY WITH CHRIST IN MY LIFE” (Luke22)- Just as Judas was the weak link/opening that strengthened the plot of the Pharisees (enemy) to do away with Jesus, and Judas’ love for money was the weak link that helped to dethrone Christ as Lord in His life, likewise it is with me in my life. The imperfections I allow, serve to dethrone Jesus’ Lordship in my life and deny Him the supremacy he deserves (dethroning him).

We were reminded that God is seeking for a people that will make their hearts His resting place- taking a cue from the Shunammite woman, who opened her home to Elisha (2 Kings 4). There were some significant items which she placed in his room; A bed (signifying union/ fruitfulness/ communion), a table (signifying feeding/ feasting on Christ), a stool (signifying rulership/ a throne/ Lordship) and finally a lamp (meaning illumination).

In my life, the more I open-up to God, and make my heart habitable, He will come and commune/ fellowship with me, unite my heart with His and I will feast on Him as the bread of life. He will illuminate my life (brighten up my darkness) and establish his Throne/Rulership in my life. Amen.

Brother Chinazom


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